The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office announced that a 70-year prison sentence was handed down for Héctor J, responsible for the death of two men and the attempted murder of a woman, in events that occurred during the robbery of a home in 2020 in Puerto Vallarta.

He will also have to pay 952,025 pesos for repair of the damage and a fine.

He had stalked the victims, and surprised them at night when they were asleep at home.

On May 20, 2020, when  Héctor J entered the home of his victims located on Salvador Díaz Mirón street in the Magisterio neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, by climbing one of the patio walls, he reached the balcony of the master bedroom on the second floor.

The couple and their adolescent son were asleep. However, the adults woke up when they noticed the robbery, and went to their son to protect him.

When Héctor J was surprised by his victims, who did not carry any tools to defend themselves, he began to attack them with a sharp weapon, initially killing the adult man, and later the adolescent. He also attacked the woman repeatedly. However, she faked her death, so he stopped attacking her.

After this, Héctor J. seized valuables, consisting of cell phones, video games, a laptop, jewelry, and a valuable watch collection from the victims, in addition to 24,000 pesos in cash.

The woman was transferred to receive medical attention, and was in serious condition.

Héctor J was later captured.